FAQ for Free Third-level .SH Domain Names for Saint Helena Island Residents

1. What domain names are being offered free?

Nic.SH is proud to support Saint Helena residents by offering free third level domains under .SH, provided that you register a third level domain name such as "yourname.co.sh" and begin to use it as the base for your email and web address. Of course, you may also register second level .SH names but these will need to be paid for at standard commercial rates (see also Question 6 below).

2. How do I qualify for a free third level domain name?

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

CO.SH // .COM.SH // .NET.SH // .NOM.SH // .ORG.SH - There is a third level .SH domain for every person and every need. To find the perfect home for your website, individuals must provide a copy of a British passport issued to British Overseas Territories citizens of Saint Helena. If you are a company in Saint Helena, you must show a copy of your Company Registry issued by Saint Helena.

.GOV.SH - is exclusively available for government entities. To register a free .GOV.SH domain name, you must channel your request via the SH Government IT section. You will need to be a recognized government entity in Saint Helena.

.EDU.SH - is intended for educational institutions. To claim a free .EDU.SH domain name, you must provide valid documentation showing that you are a recognized educational institution in Saint. Helena, including schools for primary, undergraduate, and secondary education.

3. Where do I go to apply for my free services?

You can apply for your free third level .SH domain name via the following link:


4. Are third level domain names fully functioning domain names?

Yes, third level domains (e.g. example.co.sh) function exactly the same as second levels (e.g. example.sh). You can set up a website or email on your third level domain as you would on any other name.

5. Are any additional services being offered free with the third level .SH domain Names?

We are also offering a complimentary website builder OR web hosting option. Please refer to the link above for details.

6. How can I register a second level .SH domain name?

Second level domains are available for purchase at the following link: https://www.nic.sh/new.htm.

7. How do I upgrade or expand my services in future?

If you would like to upgrade or expand your services please email applications@nic.sh and we will be happy to assist you.

8. What if I have any other questions?

Please email applications@nic.sh if you have any other questions.